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“Even an old off-roader like me was stunned by the Tomcar. I believed I had driven every kind of off-road vehicle on this planet... but this one really got me. It's hard to believe, but you really don't need 4WD.”
John, Colorado, USA
"We’ve been trying to destroy it, and we can’t."
Don, Reddington Land & Cattle

"After spending a good 20 minutes ripping through an abandoned quarry at angles and degrees I would not have believed possible, I will include the Tomcar in my list of ultimate automotive experiences."
Man Space Magazine
"Regarding safety, payload, cost of ownership, Life of Type, quality and mobility, I can assure you that the Tomcar vehicle produced by Tomcar Australia is totally compelling. Thirty years in the military and I was speechless when I first went out in the Tomcar...just like everyone else who goes out in it."
Martin Neveu, Ex-Military, Specialist Vehicle Advisor

"They're somewhere between a big ATV and a tube frame rock buggy, and entirely wonderful."
Road & Track Magazine

Above: TM5
“Your eyes and mind continually trick you into instinctively preparing yourself for what you expect will be an uncomfortable impact or suspension rebound as you approach a washout, dip or boulder by making you stiffen up and grab onto something for support, but once you get familiar with how well the Tomcar's suspension has been engineered, you soon relax and actually relish the opportunity to tackle the most difficult terrain.“ 
Russell Purcell, Canadian Driver Magazine

"...get behind the wheel and you’ll find an off-road performance like nothing else on earth."
Total Off-Road
"It's built tougher than almost any vehicle we’ve experienced, as noted by the bulletproof steel used throughout. We got air under all four tyres on more than one occasion and several times thought it might sprout wings."
ATV Magazine
"The Tomcar was specifically designed to fit into a Sea Knight, Chinook or Sea Dragon helicopter, along with two other units to be strategically dropped into battle."
All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine
"I was amazed at the climbing ability; this two wheel drive vehicle climbed the hill like a mountain goat."

Above: TM5
"When a disaster such as a flood or earthquake occurs, the Tomcars can respond and give the decision makers a remote look at the situation from a number of imagery platforms. These vehicles will allow the first responders from all of the various agencies to stay on the same page in terms of communication. When the next event like a Hurricane Katrina hits, we expect to be the first ones going."
US Army Chief Warrant Officer, Robert Bagnato
"The Tomcar will enable the delivery of vital equipment to front line troops. It is designed specifically for rugged, desert conditions - which means it is well-matched to the operational environment in Afghanistan. It will be an added capability for troops at Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan."
Dr. A. Tyler, Ministry of Defence, UK
"All terrain vehicles are go-anywhere fun, but they can be dangerous. SUV's are safer, but expensive, and have a limited range. Tomcars handle the middle ground - even if it's rocky, muddy and steep."
944 Magazine
"The terrain you can cover & the speed at which you do it is simply amazing."
Courier Mail
"While side hilling, the Tomcar grips terrain like a spider climbing a wall."
ATV Magazine

Above: TM2
“The Tomcar itself is truly outstanding and exhibits capabilities for off-road performance like no other I have experienced in thirty years in the motor industry.” 
John Conomos AO, Ex-Emeritus Chairman of Toyota Australia
"The Tomcar is the first truly all terrain vehicle. It's what happens when a Hummer and a Mini have a baby. It's the iPod of dune buggies."
Leo Spiegler
“We searched the world for the most exciting yet easy to use vehicles that would afford our guests the excitement and comfort they deserve, and we found the Tomcar. There is no other vehicle on the planet that will allow a person who has never ridden off road before to just get in and go. We’re very happy with our choice.”
Zev Nadler, Owner, Desert Wolf Tours 
“The uniqueness of Tomcar is summed up by reaffirming its destiny to be your off-road car of the future with an impeccable record of safety coupled by an ease of use that cannot be duplicated by any other off-road vehicle on the market.”
Green Zebra Tours
"I was almost immediately impressed, the Tomcar absorbed the bumps with such ease that the passengers remain fresh at the end of the day, not bruised, abused, and tense like the poor saps faced with extended seat time in a typical side-by-side UTV."  
Russell Purcell,

Above: TM2
“The Tomcar's chain-driven axles and 13-inch suspension travel make this the UTV that can go anywhere.” 
Car & Driver 
“The unique axles allow the TM5 to maintain its 15.0-inch ground clearance under acceleration, whereas the other UTVs squat, as automobiles do. In fact, mashing the throttle from a standstill causes the TM5 to rise up like a powerboat. This is felt by the driver but is even more noticeable to onlookers.” 
Car & Driver
“The trip into the desert was incredible....the terrain was extremely rough in some places, but the suspension on these vehicles allowed us to have a smooth ride. My husband just turned 70 and I am in my late 60’s and both have some arthritis. It was like driving a golf cart on steroids!
User Review, - Desert Wolf Tomcar Tours
“These Tomcars can handle the desert better than anything I’ve driven before – this was an awesome experience.”
JennyC - User Review, Sonoran Desert Tomcar Tours
“It’s like Mario Kart but in real life!”
Green Zebra Driver, USA 
"The harsh landscape, filled with cactus, boulder-sized rocks, ditches and washes were no match for the Tomcar. It effortlessly cruised through terrain that ATV riders dare not tread."
East Arizona Courier

Above: TM2