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Classic Tomcar Cap

Three years from now every Joe (and Tom) will be wearing these caps - we suggest you get in early... They're also a great fit and use high-quality stitching, keep the sun out and give you awesome hat hair. Available in Black, Red, Blue or Pink....

Drive Belt (CVT)

Engine to Gearbox CVT main drive belt. Available for both the petrol and diesel engines.   We have also developed a high-performance belt - ideal for use in vehicles based in harsh environments and extreme use. If your belts keep fa...

Tomcar Tie Rod End

The Tie Rod End in all Tomcars is a 'sacrificial part', which protects other more expensive items on the front suspension. Watch the video below which gives an overview of the Tomcar's front suspension system. Ensure you always carry a...

On the Rocks T-Shirt

In a Tomcar you're neither shaken or stirred! 100% cotton t-shirt with unique design from Melbourne-based street artist Nick Simpson. This is one of our favs. We know you want one, resistance is futile. 

Classic Tomcar T-Shirt

Sometimes a simple clean logo says it all. This is one of those moments. Available in white or black 100% cotton.

Kick Ass T-Shirt

Famed local street artist Nick Simpson (actually, he’s not famous yet, he’s just a mate of ours we sometimes have beers with) designed this t-shirt. Check out the other t-shirts designed by Nick also - come on, let's help put hi...

Tomcar Rear Air Filters

Tomcar Australia uses the Donaldson FPG Air Cleaner series in our dual rear filter system.   The FPG series acts as a two-stage engine air cleaner which is comfortable operating in heavy dust conditions. The FPG series offers impr...

Tomcar Sparkplugs

Tomcar authorised spark plugs.

Tomcar Oil Filter

Tomcar oil filter.    Please ensure that you choose the correct filter for your engine type - petrol (YH1017100) or diesel (TM62630).

Tomcar Front Air Filter

Tomcar Front Air Filter cone. For use on all models. Part number TM3801.

Tomcar Side Mirrors

These side-mirrors fit on both the right and left hand sides of the vehicle. Comes with mounting bracket and screws. Part #TM1119. Price includes 10% GST

Tomcar Front Control Arm Ball

Pivot ball (TM1743) for top and bottom control arm ball joint assemblies. Servicable item.  Sold individually. Check out the video below on the Tomcar's front suspension set-up     ...

Upper Control Arm Ball Joint Assembly

Tomcar upper control arm ball joint full assembly (including nuts). Connects the upper control arm to the front hub carrier. This is a fully adjustable and servicable item. You can purchase the ru...

Tomcar Master Cylinder

Tomcar Master Cylinder unit (TM2114).

Ball Joint Tough Rubber Boot

Replacable rubber boot (TM1746) for the front ball joint assembly. 

Tomcar Tow Hitch

Authorised Tomcar Tow Hitch and Ball. Manufactured in Australia and suitable for all post 2011 Australian-made Tomcars. Price includes 10% GST.

Authentic Tomcar Brake Pads

Brakes should be checked at every service. Authentic Tomcar high-friction brake pads. For use on all Australian-made models. Pads come in sets of four (i.e. two wheels worth).  Tomcar part number TM2057.

Tomcar Steering Rod

Tomcar front steering rod (part #TM1664). Fits either front left or front right of vehicle. Good to carry a spare rod when out in the bush. Easy to replace.

Tomcar Alternator Belt (Petrol or Diesel)

Tough Tomcar alternator belts for our Aussie-built models. Petrol Engine Part # YH0005200.  Diesel Engine Part # LB0003050.  

Tomcar Canopy

The Tomcar canopy is suited for both the TM2 and TM5 Ute. Made of tough material and held securely in place, this canopy will keep out the rain and protect you from the sun. The canopy includes a large clear rear window stiched into place. T...